18 Years Ago...

In late October 1992, the comic book world gained heightened awareness with the death of Superman. At this time, Arlene Spizman decided to shift gears from her antique and collectible business and cultivate a seemingly different market by opening the Comic Shop in Oswego, NY.

“ Actually, the two businesses were closely related,” says Arlene. “I sold comic books that I found in basements and attics along with the antiques. What grabbed my interest in comics had to do with my two sons, at that time ages nine and seven. I was set up at an outdoor antique show for the weekend, and to keep the boys busy, our friends’ son, an avid comic book collector, sold my boys a long box of comics and suggested they try to sell them at the show. They made their initial investment back, and I saw how well the rest of the collection sold in my store. At this time, my husband happened upon a huge collection of comics at a yard sale. I ended up with about 10,000 comics and my business began.”
Since that time, The Comic Shop has grown to a full-service popular culture store, catering to ” kids “ of all ages. Toys, sports cards, role-playing games, Japanese DVDs, collectible card games, posters, sci-fi and fantasy novels all are well represented here. Unique to the store is a huge collection of Star Wars toys, both new and old. Being independently owned, the store has taken on the personality of its owner, resulting in an incredible diversity of delightful entertainment.

Comic books are an original American art form that began in the depression era as an affordable entertainment for the masses. Since that time, comic books have grown, matured, and changed with the times and range in subject matter from high-flying super-hero adventures to intense slice-of-life. Arlene continues, “My business started with comic books, and expanded into other avenues of our popular culture. For some people who come to the store, the experience can be like a walk down memory lane. For others, new discoveries are made and new fascinations develop. I want everyone who comes to my store to leave with a smile on his or her face.”