The Comic Shop has thousands of current and back issue comics. We support all the major publishers and many independent ones. We have many hundreds of trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and manga books in our inventory as well. Love to read?
You can find it all at The Comic Shop: Star War novels, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and pop culture books.
Role-playing games have evolved over the years from the ever-popular Dungeons & Dragons to all sorts of different topics ranging from fantasy, history, and sci-fi. Collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, and miniature games like HeroClix and D&D have firmly established their places in the gaming market. The Comic Shop offers a selection from all these genres, and will special order many books that might not be in our inventory. Our weekly Friday Night Magic tournaments, pre-release events, and release events have become hugely successful.
Some people think of their childhood when they see the vast selection of action figures at The Comic Shop, while others are lucky enough to find that one toy that has been eluding them. Whether you collect old Star War toys or new ones, movie-themed figures, comic, or manga action figures, you are likely to find them here. From Jack Skellington to Batgirl to Austin Powers to Buzz Lightyear to Iron Man mini-mates: well, the list goes on!
Pop culture isn’t limited to comics and games: we have loads of posters, collectibles, sport cards, anime, and so much more. We love seeing returning customers and new ones as well.

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